Wide open spacious life


Last year I shattered my time into a thousand pieces and then I handed it out as if I were giving away free tickets to a show. I filled up every space, nook and cranny with an action, big or small. My time was cheap, because I’d made it that way. So I spent all […]

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Imposter, who?

I have to squash the cry of that part of me that rebels against the rest of me. The part that wants to see me small, and smaller still. It’s the Amy that is meek and mild, the Amy that can’t move for fear of wrong turns, the Amy that doesn’t speak up for what […]

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A new year

And so a new year begins. It starts with a start and pulls me into it body and heart. This year of fresh eyes, new things, and all the time in a year is waiting for me to take the first step. It doesn’t have anything to be sorry for yet. It is innocence. It […]

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Child of light

child of light

Oh child of light. We’ve been waiting all our days for a hope like yours that burns bright, tastes sweet and fills us for the days to come. You entered in chaos, a world on its knees, the earth creaking with hurt, a people stumbling around in darkness. We were waiting, we’ve been waiting all […]

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Who are you, at the heart of you?

personal development

I recently did a whiteboard session with a skilled mindset coach and he got me to do one exercise that was harder than all the rest. It wasn’t writing down my strengths and weaknesses, it wasn’t unpicking my thoughts, it wasn’t even gathering honest feedback from those closest to me. He asked me toΒ write a […]

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The kind of leadership the world really needs


My boss is always doing things that confound the usual style of leadership I’ve experienced in Australian organisations. There was that time she wrote an open and vulnerable email sharing of her own personal, current and difficult struggles with depression. There are those regular times each quarter that she shares the financials of the business […]

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Small beginnings

small beginnings

You’re one step along, but you’ve got 89 steps to go. You can’t help focusing on what’s ahead, because you’re only at the beginning and beginnings have nothing to show for them. They’re in the head, they’re anticipation for things unseen by everyone, even you. It’s hard when you don’t quite see the goal, can’t […]

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Ripples of hope

Ripples of hope moving across bodies of water & land. Ripples of hope lapping against bodies, real bodies. Small thoughts that give birth to big ideas. Single words that build sentences of justice. Tiny acts that go unnoticed by the many, but felt deeply by the one. These are the ripples of hope that make […]

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