living the high life

There are some highs to being an au-pair. High tea in London is one. 

Friday afternoon when the clock struck one I was having high tea in the Milestone Hotel, a boutique hotel in Kensington with K (au-pair Mum) and her friends. We were seated in the conservatory with black and white striped walls drinking tea served from silver teapots. I could look up through the windows above me and see the towering buildings and walkways of the neighbouring hotels. And as I sat there taking it all in I remembered to take NOT ONE photo. When the tiered plates full of tea-treats were placed before us, we just sighed and went a bit silent and forgot about everything else.

(photo courtesy of

Bottom plate had sandwiches of salmon, cucumber and cream cheese, dijon and jambon, chicken mayonnaise and egg and watercress (the highlight). Middle plate had fruit scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam. These scones were amazing. Fresh and a bit crispy on the outside. The top plate, to top-off the experience was decorated with petite cakes, fruit tarts and eclairs. Three people to every mountain of food…yes, I worked it out. 

(photo not mine, but it is EXACTLY what was on our platters!)

By three in the afternoon we had worked our way through many cups of tea, countless topics of conversation and nearly every morsel of food. By three in the afternoon we also had to be out of the hotel. You see the market for high teas in London is booming and to leave a group of women to leisurely pass away an afternoon/evening/night in front of a plate full of goodies is dangerous without a time limit.

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