A journey begins.

Isn’t it strange when that thing that has always been a future thing finally becomes a present thing. You spend forever in your head thinking it through, planning it out, going over and under and around it. Until it arrives to that day. That hour. That train trip. It’s travel I speak of. And today I left for a two month journey around Europe. You could call it a whirlwind trip if you like, because it covers eight countries in one month, plus a trip to Australia and Greece tucked neatly (and expensively) in there. We (two friends E & S and I) have arrived in Brugge, Belgium. It is beautiful. Beautiful Brugge. We have found nothing less than a ‘going out of your way’ standard amoung the locals. We were hand led to our hostel by a friendly old fellow from the coast who was very keen on the Australian show ‘border control’. We’re in a 12 bed hostel room. An experience. Settled, we walked Brugge’s streets in the rain, and peered up at the architecture that is uniquely Belgian. Steep roofed town houses that are all sharp angles. We ate belgian waffles and ice-cream and stared into the wet main square of town. Then went up and down and around Brugge’s thin streets. After nearly loosing my camera from a meter and a half tumble (was trying to set up a timed shot you see), a man in a van kindly pulled over and took a photo of us all. Such generosity! And this is Belgium thus far.

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