Neuchwanstein (1st August)

Neuchwanstein. Meaning ‘new swan stone’ is the Disney castle. The very one. You know at the beginning of a Disney movie (think of your favorite one)? We have a Julia Styles look-alike tour guide who sounds like a drone and should get out of this tour business to find her smile. With two trains and a bus we get there. King Ludwig II who built this castle was diagnosed as ‘insane’, and this was his creation. But how perfectly it sits on that mountain peak with the pines a blanket around it. It’s extravagant and excessive and fit for a king (or Disney princess). His bedroom took 14 wood carvers and 4 years to complete. His throne room is gold and turquoise. It’s the bridge that you must wait for though. It’s a fluttering in your chest to walk on that thin wooden bridge that bridges the gap between two mountain peaks. Beneath is the gorge and waterfall. And out is Neuchwanstein.

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