The red light district of Amsterdam is red. Flashing lights and signs to entice, signs to hide behind. It’s morning and the day is fresh, the cool is wearing thin. It’s morning and some girls are at work in this open red light. Staring out from behind windows onto the streets that are trafficked with groups of men. This is all the proof I need, to see that legalising prostitution glorifies prostitution. 

There are arguments for and against. Each bring up reasonable theoretical points, each stretch as far away from the other as they can. The Dutch believe that legalising makes prostitution safe, and controllable. Nothing can go under the radar, and it reduces the crime of human trafficking. But I cannot believe this. Yes, prostitution can be a murky grey topic, but when you push away the sludge, I see it as a black and white issue. CLEAR. 

Look at the consumable need and demand for prostitution in the world. It should not be this way. That much is CLEAR. The act of taking a body, of flesh and blood and breath is human nature at its very lowest. The dehumanising of a precious, unique, invaluable human being that was created for infinite possibilities. These girls are not to be sold for a half hour. This act is not to be tolerated. Tolerated because we don’t know how else to respond, we have no back-bone, we’ve lost our voice. We were not created to tolerate.

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