waiting game

I’ve played the waiting game. Wait, wait here. Waiting here, so I can go there. Waiting with a purpose. Waiting to get it right. Waiting on the world to change. Waiting for God to act. For doors to open. For a clear day instead of haze. 

And I’ve learnt that it’s ok to wait. But not a stand-still fester.

You’re still knocking, but you’re not pushing on the doors that remained sealed shut with plastic. You’re still dreaming, despite the lack of anything concrete. You’re still doing everything that can be done, except the thing that can’t be done just yet.

You know He’s going to come through for you. Everything depends on that. He’s going to come through.

I’ve played the to-and-fro game. It’s one step forward and half a one back.

And then it’s the waiting game. I’ve played the waiting game before.

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