an act of compassion

I heard yesterday from a wise woman (Christine Caine) that compassion isn’t compassion alone. It’s not a tear that will dry on a cheek. A heart squeeze that eventually subsides. Or a crossing thought that will walk away. That is emotion and compassion isn’t emotion alone. It must be partnered, matched, teamed, doubled, multiplied with an act. A ‘get involved’ act.

I am constantly seeing things that make me feel. I feel sad, I feel anger, I feel injustice, I feel. But I leave it at that. It stays a while and may settled deep inside of me, but it stays at just that; a feeling. And I’ve realised that that is not enough. I am bursting with feeling, but it stays inside me. It does no good to me, it does no good to anyone at all. Perhaps feeling and nothing more is more than apathy, but it is just as useful as apathy. So here’s to feeling something and doing something with that feeling.ย 

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