London station – part 2

It crept slowly but surely into my heart. I’ve been exposed to many things, but I was waiting for one thing to stick slow and hard. Not a fleeting cause to commit to and then un-commit to.

Human trafficking is a ‘justice’ issue. It is not a mere case of putting a bandage on the wound but bringing right a wrong (crime). Valuing the wronged. Bringing justice to an issue (slavery) that still plagues this world. I want to fight this.

I have an internship with A21. In May 2012 I will go to work in a human trafficking rescue shelter. It will be incredibly hard to see broken girls healing. But I will fight for them (with the strength I’ve found) and I know this is my next step as surely as I knew I was to come to London.

London station was a stepping stone into this, the next step.

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