London station – part 1

This is one thing I never expected I’d be doing aged 22, aged any age. Yet, I almost should have expected it. Things have been building me up, pointing me in the direction of, building in me a foundation. I didn’t travel half way across the world with ‘justice’ heavy on my heart to sit in London and not do anything with it.

London is a platform for the issues of this world, and the people flock to voice them, discover them, study them. London is like a station. An elegant, aged, shiny-new, grimy-old train station that people come to and go from. A transient place of the world. People come and go and use London as a platform for education, fun, society, history, experience, growing up, exposure, opportunity, culture.

I’ve used it for a number of these.

And now I will leave it. I don’t know for how long. I don’t know if I’ll return for now. I don’t know my future – nor do I have to. I’ve used London’s platform and one particular issue has struck my heart with its weight and urgency. That is the issue of human trafficking.

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