from afar

From afar I smile and clink my glass. Cheers to you and the love you’ve found. I’m a million miles from where I want to be right now but you’ve still got all of my heart. 

It’s moments like these that distance is the killer. I can’t be where I want to be and have to be where I am, which is too far from where I should be. It’s moments like these when the distance gets too hard and I could pack up and leave what life I have this side of the world to go back to your side of the world. In a moment. 

Right now you’ll all be in a flap. Everyone has jobs to do. You’re probably thinking that this night will never come together, but it will. I know so. You’re engaged. You’re really engaged. If I was there (which I would be if only I could) I’d try and make you laugh. This is one of the nights we’d always planned towards, dreamt about, compared lists for. Now it’s happening for you.

So from afar I’ll sleep easy knowing you’ve one of the biggest days ahead of you. And just you wait, I’ll be there for the big one. Up close, I’ll be there. 

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