exchange #1: a small exchange

Imagine your life in place of theirs. Exchange it for a moment, and just remember you can have it back. They can’t.

Forced to do something, like selling flesh and heart and soul. You did not expect this. No one expects this, least of all you. They season you in comfort and ease while you’re out in open air, but when you’re inside, SHUT inside, then they’ve bound you and broken you to be burnt in flames. And you don’t know why life dealt you this when others don’t even know of this crime. Others just like you (human) are in comfort and ease while you’re shut inside this business of flesh and blood. They can try and take your heart and soul, so put them aside for the freedom fight. It’ll come in one small flicker of light (opportunity).

Are they important to you now? (Now that you were them, if only for a moment) 

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