my one and only

Would you do it all for one? One by one, not two, just one. Would you do it for him, or her, what about for him over there? There he is standing inside a bus stop shelter with bloodshot eyes, drunk at 1pm and jeering at women. Or her, or them, or her, or that one? We’re all thinking of only ourselves. We’re single-minded, we do it for one, but the one is us. We’re our one and only. ‘One’ is an easy thing to get our head around. But what if it’s not all about me?

So, would you do it for me? Even if I don’t deserve, don’t give in return, never give a head tilt in your direction. Would you do it if my blood was thick with tar, running cold and slow and deadly? If every thought that ran through my head was of me, and me alone. I do this, I do that because it suits me. I’m my one and only.

You’ve done it for one. You’ve done it for many. Let me follow in your steps with quality over quantity. 

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