Watching the sun go down on a city of concrete towers is something. It’s really something else. We’ve followed the old city wall that has crumbled tops and missing windows until we get to a tower. It’s one of the lookout towers and it looks out over the city tainted pink and orange. This city is uniform in its chaos. Concrete apartments rise and rise from every patch of ground below. Their antennas spike upwards and outwards, never downwards, they’re always reaching out. And then beyond them is the port of Thessaloniki with sails in her hair. Sails that move in the same sunset breeze that reaches me way up high on the city wall. Up here. Around me the locals are enjoying the same view. They’re in clumps of twos and threes, they know how to enjoy a good thing and not waste it on a rush and hurry. Take it easy, there’s time still for daylight.ย 

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