greece; politics, economics and A21

Things are at a standstill in Greece. Everything needs to be decided but nothing is being decided because nothing can be agreed upon by those in power. So the Greeks wait and the European community wait and the world wait and I wait for something, anything to change. I have landed myself in a deep political and economical vacuum. These critical components of any healthy nation state have been sucked away to be churned up, tossed around, broken apart and mixed in grime with no one able to fill the power vacuum.

Being IN Greece has meant I’ve been able to chat with real Greeks who are still concerned with their country’s future. They haven’t given up, but neither are they hopeful about the coming elections. What can be done, they say when they’re just balancing on a precipice wondering whether their unfit government will carry them all down with them?

The election was a disaster for most. The extreme parties such as Syrizia (leftist and communist party) and Golden Dawn (labelled a neo-nazi party) gained unexpected seats which have forced new coalitions to be made. Yet nothing could be decided, not whether to agree with the EU’s austerity measures or to leave the EU and so the country’s two day-old parliament was dissolved and fresh elections have been set for June 17. So we wait.ย 

Amongst this A21 is still doing their incredible work. Because of this turmoil, attention can easily be stolen from the work of rescuing trafficking victims and creating awareness and yet they’re still doing as much as ever. It’s a matter of going about the business they know they need to do in spite of the worsening situation. Greece is still the number one destination point for sex trafficked victims with 90% of all illegal immigrants coming into Greece via the Turkey/Greece border. The state of Greece’s politics and economy has meant trafficking is as rife as ever within Greece’s borders. This time is not a time to wait and watch but act and do.ย 

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