bring it back

It’s the simple things that bring dignity back. That doesn’t mean that bringing dignity back is simple, but it’s simply simple things that do it. You must take care and lots of it. What restores value? It’s love. So you’ve got to make that obvious. So obvious that it’s bold and strong; Like a coffee that smoothes down your throat to steadily warm your insides and you wait a little while, wait a little while and you’re more awake than you were before, without it. Your eyes are re-opened. A little less deadly glazed and a little more spark. It’s touch. But touch is love if it’s done in love. And so are words and painting nails and serving a meal on a clean plate and receiving a gift and clean clothes and being given a toothbrush with toothpaste to coat it and having a clean bed to slip into at the end of a day that’s not lived in slavery.

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