sold out to

And so it goes that I have one week left of driving on the wrong side of the right side of the road and one week to get as much gyros-pita inside of me as I can. One week to make late night ice-cream runs when I feel the need and one week of speaking my broken record Greek and saying ‘NO’ with a flick of my head and a click of my tongue. 

This is all a part of it but this is not all of it, and now all of my heart is in this work. It’s this justice work (anti-human trafficking) that I knew I would either be sold out to, or I would just sell it off to the highest bidder. But I can’t let it go now, it’s got me tight. It’s the girls that I’ve worked with who defy all odds. I can’t say anything more, but you should know that each one is worth it all. It’s the knowledge that each one is one person, one life, one story, that then gives hope to the next one and the one after that. That this work is being done because we’re trying to right a huge wrong and save the wronged and restore the wronged and put an end to it all. This modern day slavery can be abolished in the 21st century. 

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