this old friend

We stomp the worn down concrete of a city built of stone and pea-soup fog. We do it fast and strong and in sync because we know the way and we know each other. We were fast friends before we even knew it, and strong friends and so we remain that way down to the very last step. We’ve shared a life-time together and it’s forever widening. Pony tails and polly pockets, car rides and pop-star dreams, coffees and same-hearts. Now it’s the city we’ve shared that is lined with rough edged pavements, the very same one we’re stomping on now. But I’m about to go, to up and leave. Leave this friend and the life we’ve created inside this new city. It doesn’t seem right, but it is just now. We’ll just have to make do with words and distance until she’s back inside my same city.ย 

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