Violet Cakes is a hidden gem in the peaceful street of Wilton Way, East London. You’re almost in another place which is no where near London as you walk the street and happen upon little Violet all dressed in white. You can’t deny her charm and openness. ‘Please do come in’ Violet beckons in her gentle way. So it’s a step inside that you’re bound to take and another and another as you take in the glued-together sort of insides that Violet shows off. It’s charm for you, in a genuine dosage. You smell all sorts of warm smells, like freshly baked cakes, slices and cupcakes. You see the magic happen as they mix up the cake batter in their open home kitchen. Nothing is churned out perfectly perfect from a machine, instead it is created before you, for you. You may even be able to just wander into Violet’s kitchen and take over stirring the batter with the bowl under your arm. I haven’t tried it though, so maybe normal cafe rules still apply in sweet little Violet. 

(photos are from Violet and her London surroundings)

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