Anti-Slavery Day is tomorrow, the 18th October. The day was created in 2010 by Act of Parliament in Britain to raise awareness of modern slavery and to do something about it. That it was only created in 2010 shows how oblivious our world has been up until now that slavery was never abolished when it was made illegal across the nations. That it was only created in 2010 shows how awareness has spread across the globe in recent years about this crime against humanity. 

Having interned for 3 months in an INGO dedicated to the care and restoration of girls who have been sex-trafficked, I know of the importance of this day. Anyone can know of the importance of seeing justice achieved for these girls. It’s a day representing the many who have lost their voices and who see no way out of their servitude. I have a voice, as do you and so I implore you to use yours for those who are waiting for escape. We should not be facing this epidemic of slavery when we enjoy unlimited freedom in this modern world. Why is it that this issue still plagues us? 

The A21 Campaign is promoting their Key2Free global initiative to mark the 18th October. Wear a key to show that you’re willing to unlock freedom for the millions locked in slavery today. Promote the cause, speak of it and be a voice for someone who has lost theirs. In doing this, you’re a part of a movement of change. 

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