sweetly scented

Scented Garden is at the corner of a concrete square. Pushed out to the side, or excluding itself willingly, you can be the judge of its position. It doesn’t belong in Croydon. It doesn’t fit its image of bold, bland and tasteless. Instead it sits prettily on the corner and acts as a haven of nature and food. There is an iconic Australian lemon-scented gum tree up its centre. The branches of the old tree provide a leafy canopy over the entire cafe. Leaves have fallen to the ground and rest amongst the other pot plants and mosaic flooring. It’s as if you are anywhere but tired old concrete McAdams Square. And you’ll be glad to be. It serves only organic and biodynamic products. There are treats for any person’s digestive ability. And the coffee that makes it a place to visit regularly is not like a standard Croydon cup. Instead it’s a rare find in a part of Eastern Melbourne that hasn’t yet reached the standard of city coffees. It’s got creama and taste, leaving your mouth with a smooth taste. So little Scented is subtle and pretty and it waits to be discovered in the ‘burbs that make up Melbourne. 

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