For and against

My life will not be lived by what I’m against. 

I hate this and I’m anti that, so it defines me as this and that. Lines are drawn across my battlefield. I make war to defend my ignorance. I surge out ready to throttle any who attack it. And in a strange twist of events I turn from defender to attacker, attacking before I am attacked. I have lost everything I believe FOR, and instead I am defined by what I am against. What a poorer version of myself that is. A version pieced together by hates, instead of loves, fears instead of freedoms. A version made of rags.

I thought I was defending my values, my principles, my beliefs, and instead I attacked their values, their principles, their beliefs. 

This is how far I’ve fallen. This is how far we’ve fallen. 

This world is great at naming what it hates, but not very good at naming what it is for. Why is it easier to call out the thorn in someone else’s eye, and miss the irritation, pain, blur of the one in my own? 

How did we wind up so far from love. Love as a priority, not an afterthought. Love as the loudest voice in the room. A love like God’s that overrules hatred. Everytime. A love that’s only thought, only action is to love. 

How much better it would be if we were know for what we were for, not against? Because the opponents of war, hate and hate, cannot be drowned out by more hate. 

Only love can do that. 

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