the act to match

What are you going to do about it, when someone does something you don’t agree with? They’re loud and proud about it, but you know the real cost to them and to others. Yet, they’re doing it, and so all you’ve got is your bad opinion against the action, right? It almost doesn’t stand up against the thing that’s already happening. ‘That’s so awful’ you say and spread and then you take a step back on your heels and wonder why this world has fallen so far. Why has it fallen so far?

In Larissa, Greece 2012 a Brothel sponsors an amateur football team. The Brothel owner turned up to a game dressed in white from head-to-toe as if her business was respectable and part of classical Greek history and she was upholding this. The team was struggling for sponsorship and the sex-business always has plenty of money to go around. In an industry that is already thriving despite the economic downturn, it needs no more advertisement, but here it has even more. The football team runs around on the field with jerseys dipped in the brothel’s symbol. Advertising a brothel, advertises the sex-industry as a healthy, normal and glorified part of society, which ups demand for sex, which in turn fuels the business of trafficking people, fuelling the modern day slave trade. Where does it stop being ok that a brothel has sponsored a football team?

What do you do when this sort of thing happens?

You fight back to take back ground, you match it, overtake it, fill in the dark with light. 

So when a brothel sponsored a struggling football team, The A21 Campaign (an anti-human trafficking NGO) sponsored a struggling football team and got just as much media response about it. It promotes life and value and hope, the exact opposite of what a brothel does. So this is what is being done about it. It has made me stop and think what I do about the things I disagree with. I can get angry, but can I also act by meeting it with response, then upping it with goodness. 

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