This little scene is one moment from my day. 

Melbourne park-bench-reading:

I hadn’t tried it in a while. I had time to kill and a book in my unending canvas bag. I had a world-wide combination going on today with the bag from London, the book from London, the bookmark from Paris and the shoes from Australia (but don’t you worry, the steps I take have ‘straya written all over them). I chose the bench that was leading off to the side and was covered by a big old leafy tree in one of the many parks in Melbourne. It was good for people watching out of the corner of my eye as women in suits and runners getup paced past and shades-man rode on by looking kind of, well…shady. Despite my worldly attire, I don’t remember ever being anywhere in the world like this before, where it feels like home and so it is home. 

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