social justice day

Today is World Day of Social Justice. ‘Social justice’ in my mind is protection from (to put it simply) injustice. It’s giving those without the same freedoms and rights I enjoy – those freedoms and rights because they are a human, just like me.

This day represents an International Labour Organisation’s declaration (under the UN) taken in 2008, to commit towards promoting a fair globalisation. As globalisation is running full steam ahead with no signs of slowing, it is our job to ensure that its effects are positive, fair and just. Social development and social justice go hand in hand. That means that the issue of whether a government/authority/organisation is abusing human rights and essential freedoms goes hand in hand with whether that country is growing economically, socially, politically and internationally. This abuse of human rights can come in many forms such as poverty, no access to clean water and health centres, human trafficking, genocide, fair working conditions and pay and inequality. 

So, happy World Day of Social Justice. I will see our world work to reach its goal.

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