front to back

We’ve got to have it all under control. Tightly tied together. Life’s little strings can’t be left hanging loose. What mess, what clutter. They’re showing all our imperfections. ‘Cos we’re all perfect, we’re alright. Well that’s how it appears when you see us floating on the surface. You’d think it true until you looked long and hard enough at someone in the eye. Someone, anyone. The eye leads you straight to the heart. Straight shooting always hits the mark. It takes one to know one.

Why have we got to have it all together? Why have we got to shroud truth in murk? Open your eyes and there it is! We need You. Traded goods have never matched the good. We’ve swapped truth for untruth. Love for nothing like love. Not even close. And now worst is best. It’s back to front and we can’t get it front to back.

We can’t get it front to back, alone.

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