counterfeit freedom

What’s phony and fake and binds you without your knowledge? It’s counterfeit freedom with all the cuttings and trimmings of freedom. Free, sort of. Free, it’ll do. Free, till the next day rises. Because that’s freedom-tainted. That’s freedom-earnt. And we accept it because it’s all we’ve ever known. We don’t know what else is out there, for we’ve never even looked, we haven’t even tasted. If it’s good enough for them, isn’t it fine enough for me? Whereas free, indeed, is sealed by its maker. It’s legit. Free, indeed, doesn’t hesitate. Free, indeed, is not a weight on your shoulders, nor shackles round your ankles. Neither is it forever earnt and re-earnt. Freedom is steadiness. It’s wisdom beyond this earth. It’s wind in your spirit. Freedom is freely given, freely received.

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