water walking

You’ve sunk low and fast until you’re down and struggling to keep your head above the waves. Why, before you were walking on water and now you’re sinking in it. How can you go from up there where you were steady and sure, to down here where you’re struggling just to keep you head above water? It seems a mighty way down, and you sunk so quickly, so effortlessly.

Your focus is on treading waves, of drawing breath, of keeping the salt out of your eyes. Your focus has zeroed in on this one circumstance and yet what else can you think about other than fighting for survival? It takes every effort and there’s no room for perspective.

Yet if you could just think beyond your kicking and swiping for help, you’d realise there’s someone else in this picture you’ve forgotten to call upon. Someone who calms the seas and rewards any meagre amount of faith you may have left. The same One that told you walking on water is possible, the same One who told you to be out here in the middle of the lake. Every single time it’s hard to think of anything other than self, but it’s these times when we must think of anything other than self. Self is sinking fast and there’s no way up if you’re thinking about down.

So it’s a mind game and a heart play, but you simply must call someone to your rescue. You simply must re-focus even though everything points to your dire situation. Perspective can be a life-ring, but He is the life-saver.

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