election time

You wanted to be informed, you wanted to be calculated, you wanted to be everything that your political course teaches you to be, but Election Day is coming around fast and you’re none of that. E-day is less than a week away and nothing has been researched, nothing has been decided. This is democracy, freedom of choice handed to you on a compulsory voting slip. But you’re not making the most of being ‘free indeed’ if you vote like a donkey, or vote the way your parents do. You’re not savoring the privilege that others die trying to attain. You don’t even know the first thing about freedom, until it’s no longer holding you. Neat little phrases that say ‘make it count’ speak truth. They give you a little boost in your motivations and make you think, make you stop and think.

(This is just a couple of weeks late, because ‘election time’ has been and gone)

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