Write more, procrastinate less

Sometimes the things you love, you don’t do enough of. Or you stop them altogether.

For me, that’s writing.

Maybe it’s because of the lack of time, maybe it’s fear, maybe it’s a luxury and life is simply running on necessities at the moment.

Whatever it is, I know I need to write more and procrastinate less.

Words make me up.

Words fill me.

Words spin in my head and weave throughout my bloodstream.

Words are me.

And when I stop the things I love, I stop.

I stop.

So here’s to writing more and procrastinating less.

Here’s to writing when the subject matter is not big or mighty, but small and insignificant.

Here’s to writing when the words don’t seem to flow, but they make me feel and that’s enough.

Here’s to writing for the one, and not the crowd.

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