Who are you?

I found it hard to get a job post-university.

It crippled me.

I had spent my entire schooling and university years working towards getting a ‘career’. I wasn’t sure what it would look like, or even how it would work exactly, but I knew I wanted one.

When I couldn’t find work, I became acutely aware of how we define ourselves and others by our work.

What do you do?” is the number one question we ask someone we meet for the first time.

I did it, until I was the one who didn’t have the ready answer. Instead I had to pad around the edges of my lack of an answer, hiding my lack of ‘career’, and my lack of conventionalism.

Before, I had packaged and boxed and neatly categorised them based on what came out of their mouth.

Now, I begin conversations with something other than work.

Because now that I have a ‘career’, I realise I am more than my education, more than my job, more than my title. They make me up, but they are not me.


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