Give me hope

We are born into hope

A wide open world waiting for us, anticipating our arrival

‘Dream big little one,’ we hear

And so we do, because everything is possible when nothing is impossible 

We discover the world without fear of failure, without fear of wrong turns, without fear at all

We hope, and then we do

We hope and do

Reaching out for new things, climbing higher heights, taking larger steps than the day before


And then bit by bit, year by year, instead of discovering more, instead of going further, instead of clinging to hope, we discover fear, failure, disappointment 

They hurt us once, we won’t let them hurt us again

We throw hope out the window for a colder, harder version – reality

So our world closes in, it shrinks before our eyes, and instead of discovering the new, we sit in the old

Fool us once, shame on you

Fool us twice, shame on us

Our world is now one of borders, of barriers, of small thinking and small realities, of only believing what we see and nothing more

Because that is safe, and safe is good


But I’m not content with reality

I want life and life to the brim 

I want big, and I want bold

I want failures to simply be learnings, not walls

I want disappointment to spur me on, not hold me down

I want to be moving so fast, so fast that wrong turns are only scenic detours 

I want to see the impossible become possible because there’s no cap on my hopes, there’s no lid on what I can and can’t do 

I want hope as my never ending fuel

I want my world to only ever be expanding, expanding, expanding like the universe


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