More than

More: greater in amount, size or number.

It is a phrase I turn into a question everyday. What more could I have done? I try not to make it guilt loaded – and yet invariably it is.  There’s always more room in the day to think about one more than I. And yet how many times do I miss the point?

So many issues pull at me. So it is often just easier to do nothing, rather than choose between. Beside the simple and blatant fact that there’s nothing in front of me to show for my indecision, I also go to bed each night wishing I’d done more, greater. Wishing I’d leant a voice to those that needed some added volume, wishing I’d given a hand to help up that stranger, wishing I’d spent that spare change on lasting rather than momentary goods, wishing I’d fought just a little stronger for issues that move me, wishing I’d thought about one more than I, wishing I acted outside of mine.

More than was a simple statement. Yet the statement always remained in the thinking and challenging state, going around and around my pillow at night. Now I’ve turned it into a question. For a good question promotes thought, challenge, action and change.

More than has become my call to action.

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