I’m a one-in-a-billion fool

This world is filled with too many wise men

Who know what others should think and believe

What is right and what is wrong

They don’t listen to weakness

And certainly not to failure

Doubt – they banish

Fear – they keep it swallowed


But I’m a fool

I’m a one-in-a-billion kind of fool

I’m a fool who’s not afraid to be known as a fool

I have thoughts, beliefs, rights and wrongs

But they’re not a concrete block

I force others to build on


I’m a fool who keeps company with other fools

In fact, there’s not a wise one amongst us

We’re the kind of fools who think weakness is strength

And failure the greatest life lesson

Doubt – oh, we have plenty

Fear – it’s always there

But we let it out, let it loose

So it no longer binds our insides

Twists our gut

Better out than in, we say

And we mean it

Because we’re fools

Who mean what we say, and always say what we mean

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