Imposter, who?

I have to squash the cry of that part of me that rebels against the rest of me. The part that wants to see me small, and smaller still. It’s the Amy that is meek and mild, the Amy that can’t move for fear of wrong turns, the Amy that doesn’t speak up for what […]

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A new year (part 1)

And so a new year begins. It starts with a start and pulls me into it body and heart. This year of fresh eyes, new things, and all the time in a year is waiting for me to take the first step. It doesn’t have anything to be sorry for yet. It is innocence. It […]

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Child of light

child of light

Oh child of light. We’ve been waiting all our days for a hope like yours that burns bright, tastes sweet and fills us for the days to come. You entered in chaos, a world on its knees, the earth creaking with hurt, a people stumbling around in darkness. We were waiting, we’ve been waiting all […]

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