Imposter, who?

I have to squash the cry of that part of me that rebels against the rest of me. The part that wants to see me small, and smaller still. It’s the Amy that is meek and mild, the Amy that can’t move for fear of wrong turns, the Amy that doesn’t speak up for what […]

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Who are you, at the heart of you?

personal development

I recently did a whiteboard session with a skilled mindset coach and he got me to do one exercise that was harder than all the rest. It wasn’t writing down my strengths and weaknesses, it wasn’t unpicking my thoughts, it wasn’t even gathering honest feedback from those closest to me. He asked me toย write a […]

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Who are you?

I found it hard to get a job post-university. It crippled me. I had spent my entire schooling and university years working towards getting a ‘career’. I wasn’t sure what it would look like, or even how it would work exactly, but I knew I wanted one. When I couldn’t find work, I became acutely […]

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